Lion Dance

Lion Dance & Dragon

Gee Yung is an internationally honored Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance School that holds many awards for their expertise in performance competition. Our mission is: To develop physically and spiritually, whether it be in school, martial arts or in life itself, through the practice of Sil Lum Fut Ga, as taught by Master Lum Dai Yong. Gee Yung was the first school in Hawaii to teach competition level Lion Dance to adults and children. Children as young as five years old compete and perform this exhilarating art form.

Always striving to better our learning philosophy, we are under the tutelage of Master H.P. Siow of Malaysia, coach of World Champions Kun Sen Keng Lion Dance Troupe. Master Siow has been coming to Hawaii to enrich Gee Yung with his art of Hok-San style of Lion Dancing and with his everlasting guidance will make Gee Yung into a World Contender in the Lion Dance Championships held yearly.

With less than three years of training, Gee Yung participated in the 1998 Hong Kong Invitational World Lion Dance Championships and in prestigious 2000 Genting World Lion Dance Championships held in Malaysia.

Gee Yung was the first school to play the Hok-San style of Lion Dancing in the islands. All of our Lions are hand-picked and custom ordered through Master Siow of Malaysia. We are proud to say that we own some of the nicest Lion Heads in Hawaii. Each year Sifu Lee travels to Malaysia and orders new Lions, so that we are always updated with outstanding Lions that we can play for you.

Gee Yung was also the first school in Hawaii to play the Luminous Dragon, a team of 9 people take each poles and makes the Dragon come alive with twirling and twisting moves; it’s good to catch the elusive pearl that you see leading the Dragon.

Gee Yung offers you and your entire family such lifetime benefits as: Improved Self Confidence and Self Esteem, Physical and Mental Conditioning, and Cultural Understanding and Appreciation. You will build friendships and a strong sense of teamwork and ohana. Lion Dancing is a combination of Kung Fu, acrobats and instruments, Gee Yung will help you master them all.