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Mission Statement

Gee Yung’s mission is to enrich the lives of students with the Chinese heritage, promote health and wellness, and teach the skills of self-defense through Martial Arts.

By Brent Wong

Gee Yung Chinese Culture Association was established in 1941 by its founder, Sun Kung Sifu Lum Dai Yong. In the 30’s, he was invited to the Hawaiian islands to be one of the instructors for the Jing Moo Tai Yuk Oui Association in Honolulu. He staye d with Jing Moo from 1935-1941 until the establishment of Gee Yung.

Sun Kung Sifu Lum Dai Yong, a Taoist priest, was raised in a Shaolin monastery. Born in 1895, he was the youngest person to achieve his training and education at the Sil Lum monastery. He would eventually become a personal bodyguard for Dr. Sun Yet Sen. The title, Sun Kung, is conveyed to individuals who become experts in areas beyond martial arts such as spiritual healing, exorcism, and herbal medicine. Lum Sifu was known in the islands as a bone setter. He would help a lot of the ill in the Chinese community. There are many different styles of kung fu however, Lum Sifu brought his own unique style, Fut Ga Kuen (Monk Family Fist), to Gee Yung. Fut Ga Kuen is one of the oldest styles in the Shaolin system. Based on efficiency, it uses the simplest moves from the five major families of Shaolin: Lau, Li, Mok, Hung and Choi. It’s hands form are from the Southern roots while its foot works or kicks come from the Northern section of Buk Sil Lum.

In 1937 at the age of 7 years old, Arthur Yau Sun Lee got his first taste of the martial arts at the Jing Moo Chinese Physical Culture Association. Being tutored by his first teacher, Professor Lau Yeu Cho, he learned one of the well-recognized styles in the Shaolin system, Hung Gar Kuen. He stayed with Professor Lau until 1939, two years after he began practicing his Chinese heritage. With the consent of Professor Lau, he started to train under the tutelage of Lum Dai Yong in a new form of martial arts, Sil Lum Fut Ga Kuen. Because of the dedication of Arthur Lee to the school, the Gee Yung Physical Culture was passed on to him after the passing of Sifu Lum in 1957. Lum had expected Lee to take over Gee Yung and to continue teaching Fut Ga Kuen to preserve its existence. Sigung Lee has participated in numerous seminars throughout the States to try and perpetuate his teacher’s art to the American public. Throughout his years he has been featured in numerous martial arts publications and has even produced instructional videos. Having his students win numerous forms and fighting championships worldwide has brought recognition to the art. Sigung Lee takes constant trips to mainland China to improve his own knowledge of the Chinese martial arts. He was recognized and appointed to the Jiang Su Wu Shu Academy.

In 1997 Gee Yung Chinese Physical Culture Association’s name was changed to Gee Yung International Martial Arts Dragon and Lion Dance Association. The word “international” was added to the schools name because of Sigung Lee’s hindsight to take the art and spread its teaching worldwide.

With 60 years and counting Sigung Lee continues to strive and perpetuate his teacher’s art and philosophy worldwide. With that in mind, he is in good hands with his son Harlan Dai Tong Lee and grandchild Brandon Jett Gum Lung Lee to carry on the heritage.